Georgia Payday Loan
Georgia Payday Loan Georgia Payday Loan
Georgia Payday Loan
Georgia Payday Loan
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Georgia Payday Loan
Entered Into Union: January 2, 1788
Capital: Atlanta
Largest City: Atlanta
Est. Population: 9.6 million
State Website:

Current Payday Law Status: Payday Loans Are NOT Acceptable In The State Of Georgia Status: Denies Consumers From The State Of Georgia To Apply For A Payday Loan.

Georgia Payday Loan Georgia Payday Loan

Currently the state of Georgia doesn't allow the payday loan service at this time.

Georgia History

Georgia Payday LoanSome Georgia History According To Wikipedia:

The local moundbuilder culture, described by Hernando de Soto in 1540, completely disappeared by 1560. Early on, in the course of European exploration of the area, a number of Spanish explorers visited the inland region of Georgia.

The conflict between Spain and England over control of Georgia began in earnest in about 1670, when the English founded the Carolina colony in present-day South Carolina. Nearly a century earlier, the Spanish of Spanish Florida had established the missionary provinces of Guale and Mocama on the coast and Sea Islands of present-day Georgia.

After decades of fighting, the Carolinians and allied Indians permanently destroyed the Spanish mission system during the invasions of 1702 and 1704. After 1704, Spanish control was limited to St. Augustine and Pensacola, both in present-day Florida. The Florida peninsula was subjected to raids as far as the Florida Keys.

The coast of Georgia was occupied by now British-allied Indians such as the Yamasee until the Yamasee War of 1715-1717, after which the region was depopulated, opening up the possibility of a new British colony. In 1724, it was first suggested the British colony there be called Province of Georgia in honor of King George II.

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