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Entered Into Union: June 20, 1863
Capital: Charleston
Largest City: Charleston
Est. Population: 1.8 million
State Website:

Current Payday Law Status: Payday Loans Are Not Acceptable In The State Of West Virginia Status: Denies Consumers From The State Of West Virginia To Apply For A Payday Loan. Welcomes West Virginia Payday Loan Consumers...

Currently the state of West Virginia doesn't allow the payday loan service at this time.

A Little Something About An West Virginia Payday Loan...

Some West Virginia History According To Wikipedia:

West Virginia is a state in the Appalachian, Upland South, and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States, bordered by Virginia on the southeast, Kentucky on the southwest, Ohio on the northwest, and Pennsylvania and Maryland on the northeast. The capital and largest city is Charleston.

Historically the area now occupied by West Virginia was contested territory, mainly by Pennsylvania and Virginia. Some speculative land companies, such as the Vandalia Company, and later the Ohio Company and Indiana Company tried to legitimize their claims to land in parts of West Virginia and Kentucky but failed. With the settlement of the Pennsylvania and Virginia border dispute, which resulted in the creation of Kentucky, Kentuckians "were satisfied...and the inhabitants of a large part of West Virginia were grateful."

After the Wheeling Conventions, West Virginia broke away from Virginia during the American Civil War and was admitted to the Union as a separate state on June 20, 1863, and was a key Civil War border state. It is one of only two states formed during the American Civil War and is the only state to form by seceding from a Confederate state.

The Census Bureau considers West Virginia part of the South because most of the state is south of the Mason-Dixon Line. The northern panhandle, however, extends adjacent to Pennsylvania and Ohio with the West Virginia cities of Wheeling and Weirton being just across the border from the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, while Bluefield is less than seventy miles from North Carolina and Harper's Ferry is considered to be a part of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. The unique position of West Virginia means that it is often included in a wide variety of geographical regions, including the Southeastern United States and even the Northeastern United States. Notably, it is the only state which entirely lies within the area served by the Appalachian Regional Commission, which is a common definition of "Appalachia".

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